Eurotennis 405-1 Villajoyosa

Eurotennis-405-1 FAQ

How easy is it to get around Villajoyosa?

The town is fairly small and easily walkable. There are also public buses available to get you to nearby destinations. For longer distances, renting a car or taking the train is recommended.

Where to stay in Villajoyosa?

Hotel El Faro is the perfect choice for those looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay in Villajoyosa. Located directly on the beachfront, it offers guests unparalleled access to the beauty of this charming seaside town. With its stunning views, world-class facilities, and attentive staff, Hotel El Faro ensures that you have a memorable and pleasant experience.

Whats Eating and drinking in Villajoyosa?

Villajoyosa is a paradise for food lovers, with plenty of traditional Spanish cuisine to enjoy. From seafood dishes and tapas to delicious paella, there’s something for everyone in Villajoyosa. The restaurants and cafes are all within walking distance of the hotel, so you can be sure to find something that caters to your taste.
If you’re looking for a lighter lunch, the hotel offers its own café bar and terrace where you can relax with a coffee or snack overlooking the beach. For something more substantial there are plenty of gourmet restaurants nearby serving up delicious paella, seafood platters and more.

What is there to do in Villajoyosa?

Villajoyosa offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy during their stay. From sunbathing on its gorgeous beaches, to exploring its local history, guests can find something to entertain them in this vibrant town. Popular nearby attractions include the chocolate museum, which showcases a variety of traditional sweet treats, and the old town center which contains interesting architecture from past centuries. There are also plenty of outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking and windsurfing for those looking for an adventure. With its close proximity to Benidorm, visitors can also easily find vibrant nightlife in this popular holiday destination.

How to get to Villajoyosa?

The nearest airport is Alicante Airport, located just 45 minutes away. From there, you can rent a car and make your way to the hotel or take a shuttle or taxi directly to Villajoyosa. Those travelling by train will find Villajoyosa Train Station located in the center of town, which provides easy access to Valencia and other nearby locations. For those who prefer to arrive by car, the hotel is situated just off the A-7 motorway and has plenty of parking spaces available onsite.

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